Commander Cool iOS Platformer Starter Kit

Easy to Customize XCode & Cocos2D Project PLUS High Definition Video Documentation

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Build your own iPhone / iPad/ Mac platformer game

You want to build your own iPhone / iPad / Mac platformer game such as League of Evil? Then start with a strong code foundation! This starter kit includes the complete source code of “Commander Cool” for iPhone / iPad / Mac build with cocos2d & box2d, with extensive documentation.
The code is 100% compatible with the latest version of Xcode 4.5, the code includes cocos2D (v1.0.1). The Xcode project builds successfully on the new iPhone 5 device, on the 6.0 Simulator and Mac OS X 10.7 / 10.8 Deployment Target is: iOS 4.2


We added two new game objects: Ladders and Climbing Walls. See demonstration video!


  • Complete Source Code for iPhone & iPad & Mac
  • Two Targets: iOS & Mac + Lite Version Target
  • Physic Engine Box2D
  • Custom Build Scripts for automated Deployment to TestFlight or HockeyKit
  • Game Center Support: Achievements and Leaderboard
  • Facebook integration (Share on Facebook)
  • Twitter Integration (Share on Twitter) iOS 5 only
  • Game analyze with Playtomic
  • iRate integration
  • JavaScriptCore integration for Level Scripting

Media Assets

  • Sprites, Spritesheets, Backgrounds, Buttons, HUD
  • Particles
  • Sounds
  • Background music
  • Fonts
  • 5 Map Examples!
  • Zwoptex Files, ParticleDesigner Files, GlyphDesigner Files
  • Every Animation Sprites as a single image (See Screenshots) in normal, retina and ipad retina!

Level Editing

Almost ALL the customization of the game can be done in Tiled Map Editor ( ). You’ll work in this amazingly simple map editing program to save new .tmx files for each level you want to add to the game. This program is where you will draw background and foreground tiles, define collidable areas, and choose where to spawn Entities, Objects or Particles. You’ll even set the background image and background music for each level in the Tiled program.

The video documentation spends around 45 minutes building a level from scratch in Tiled and incorporating it into the Xcode project.

Class Types

  • Entities: Player, 3 different Enemies with different A.I.,& Tanks!
  • Objects: Collision Objects, Movable Objects, Drinks/Potions, Coins (Silver/Gold), Bullets, Trigger with Javascript scripting, Teleporter/Beamer, Laser, Checkpoints, Mines, Special Level Objects (Diamonds)
  • Object Properties: damage, cure, score, pickable, collideable, triggerScript, sound
  • Default Properties values in class files. Can be overwritten in the level editor


  • Intro scene
  • Start scene
  • About scene with a WebView for about text
  • Settings (sound / music on/off)
  • Dynamic level selection scene (from a plist)
  • Game finish / game over scene

Video Demos

Leveleditor in Action #1
Leveleditor in Action #2
Gameplay Trailer


Online Documentation
API Documentation


You are free to use all source code contained in the ‘CommanderCool‘ folder for your own private and/or commercial use, however, artwork, music tracks, fonts and sound effects included in this package will remain the copyright Janzen & Strauß.

Media Assets not covered by this License

The project contains sprites/tilemaps which are available for free and are governed by different licenses.

Player/Enemies Sprites by The_Protagonist & Allen
Map Tilesets by Pixel Pusher
Icons / Items by GfxLib-Fuzed Bundle
We are only selling you the files contained outside of the ‘lib‘ folder of this ZIP file. I am not selling the content included in the following folders of this ZIP file (which is freely available and included purely for your convenience in building the project):

  • FontLabel
  • CocosDenshion
  • cocos2d
  • Box2d
  • facebook SDK
  • Playtomic SDK
  • iRate
  • TouchJSON
  • JavaScriptCore
  • GKAchievementNotification
  • DDGameKitHelper

Application License


  • 1 application
  • Binary restricted distribution
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Can modify source

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Developer License


  • 3 projects
  • Source and binary distribution
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Can modify source
  • 6 months support
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Premium License


  • Unlimited projects
  • Source and binary distribution
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Can modify source
  • 6 months support
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A great start for anyone wanting to do a side scroller without getting their hands too dirty in the code.

Neil North

I love how it works with “universal” formats like the tiled map editor and cocos formatted sprite sheets.

Joe Macirowski

I had succed to make a game with you starter kit learn many things that no other had make.
Its fun to make levels and design . Love it.
I Will Tell you that i am zero programmer , never programmed before . I only learned what the starter kit had to five . So i am really happy that you made that starter kit for us.

Star Boy Hsp

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